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time flies...
Friday, August 20, 2010

been months since my last entry... guess i've grown pretty "lazy" with my updates - i didn't mean to and it was NOT on purpose of cos! so here goes... my "flash backwards"

- start of new job; a week in US for training. totally new environment but enjoying every moment of it! oh yeah, tough initially but with the support of my frens and loved ones, boss and colleagues.. we managed to pull thru' =)

- "damsel in distress" - we changed our system and seems like the culture here is to at least try to "activate" our own systems from scratch, well.. meaning have to load OS entirely on our own! OMG~ spent a day to do it.. so sianz.. but yes, quite an experience. LOL

- meeting the parents, with a finalized date - our plans were set in montion... and still underway but i'm glad we finailized the location!! woo hoo!!

- location fixed - woo hoo!! oh yeah.. i'm glad we confirm place le =) so looking forward to changing the menu to bird nest soup instead of shark fin's soup. GO GREEN people!!!!!
... church wedding or not... hmm.. time wise a bit difficult leh.. alamak!

- renovation - the most time consuming project so far! haiz... and time is running short! God bless us with good, honest and fast provider. lessen our worries with NO bad/ lousy situations falling upon us cause we will triumph in Thy name! Amen!

- more hse stuff - need to pack stuff/ sell away things etc.. hmm.. think jus pack clothes, everything else dun want?!! hahaha.. m kidding lah!

- wedding stuff - TBC: Photographer/ Videographer : aiyo.. he say use bridal shop de which i'm not sure which one to choose from also.. haven decide on how to go about it.. the usual stuff is .. so usual... haha. can i have something different?

- other wedding stuff - hmm.. think its still diet lor.. hmm.. actually i oso duno wat.. wahaha.. take it easy man!

- new toy... yes!! hmm.. i wonder how long this will hold my interest...?!!


Updates for now...
Monday, March 08, 2010

CNY/ V-day celebration
2010 is a little different when it comes to celebrations cos it's the same date as of Valentine's day and Chinese Lunar Year day 1.... so I guess it's good business for most restaurants and not to mention florist too! LOL ~ no "extra" surprise for my dearie this year due to budget constraint :( next year okie?!

esp. enjoyed my lou-hei with my family and friends.. hahaha... i just so loved this chinese salad. yum yummmmmmm SALMON *slurps* so i don't get bored with this at all (well, at least not yet!) =)

had fun visiting a few of our friends and HUAT HUAT ahhhhh everyone!


Cooking attempts
pre-packed ingredients are life savers! wahahaha.. well, considered as "cheats" but hey, it's less time consuming and pretty much hit the spot for most eaters! tried experimenting 1 - hot and spicy seafood sauce and well, not bad! think i will try again.... perhaps this weekend!


currently going thru' my 3rd week of training and it's been pretty tough, cause there's so much to learn (or memorize) and talk about the many possibility of sealing the deal, pricing etc :( just gotta absorb, hang on and ride this thru' as much as i can before my training trip to US....


really surprized cos i was expecting them to fly the US person over instead of sending 4 of us over! faints.... would be nice if i got extra $$$ lor for shopping (!!!) .. really siong but well, as they all say, why not since co pay right?! shrugs~ but i guess the experience is still what counts most! it's urm.. winter temp there... i wonder if i'll see snow! LOL

defintely going to take as many pictures as i can when i'm there (victor already volunteer his camera! --> cos i wasn't gg to bring any, was planning to take pics with my cam! gracie can't believe my lazy plan... LOL) and sigh.. won't get to see my dear for 1 week, my family for 2 weeks!!! alamak....!!!!

i'm already missing my dearest family and frens even before i'm there... sigh....

Praise thy~!
Friday, February 05, 2010

Praise thy Lord for he is Good, Loving and so Listens to prayer =)
it's has been a test of patience; a rather steep learning curve for me cos i'm so used to wanting stuff my way and fast! alas! a lesson taught and to remember; leave everything to God = put aside your control... cos GOD will lead me to a path he wants me to go. HE controls my life!

i'm definitely looking forward =)

Pray thy to give me wisedom to make the right decisions in my life that's pleasing to HIS eyes!

looking forward to a brand new start!
Monday, January 25, 2010

it's been a while since my last post and i guess this blog is most probably covered with tons of dust and cobwebs... hehehe... aiyah... been busy with stuff - which i can't quite remember what already! LOL

overall, life's not too bad; could be better but i'm still Thankful for all these events (for the good ones and yes! to learn and appreciate and be thankful for the bad ones too..!).

definitely looking forward to a brand new start in this year 2010. life will be better esp with HIM in my life =)

all the best to everyone; have faith!

random thoughts
Sunday, November 29, 2009

i should be asleep by now (since duno when...) but my mind's kinda running just a little too active for me now to fall asleep though my eye lids are getting a little heavy.... so i thought, why not jot something down here instead. perhaps that might get me sleepy?! hmm... not working yet and so i waited ~

still waiting......

bugger! might as well continue with my blabbering rite?! LOL

i am thankful for all that has happened in the past few months... well, to be exact.... thankful for all the good and bad that has happened in the past; during my lifetime! that i m still alive, still breathing and every minute, hours, days, weeks, years have been an experience for me to learn, and learn some more!

praise the Lord for his everlasting love for me, for listening and for choosing me. come to think of it, i would have been dead a long time ago as a child when i was having a very serious bad cough that almost cause my parents to be broke BIG time; despite numerous medical treatments; visitations to different doctors/ specialist for 2nd, 3rd, 4th opinions but nothing seems to work at all. i was coughing so badly, i bet it broke my poor mother's heart.

then one day, a missionary came and spread the Living word to my mom. she told me she was really RUDE to that person; didnt believe what was being told and even chased that poor soul away! but i guess it was through pure desperation and a mother's love for her child; that she made a very simple prayer to God that very night for my recovery. because of her faith (jus like what the bible said....!); i fully recovered the next morning. my cough just stopped and i was well again =)

yes, you can just imagine the look on my mother's face.. well, she didnt believe it at first and brought me back to our family doctor and even other doctors/ specialist for consultation and found me to be miraculously healed; fully recovered overnight!

i am writing this testimonial cause i am a living proof of my mother's faith towards God, and to be thankful for his kindness and compassion =)

open your heart and listen... for God is good, God is great, for God is a true, living and loving God =)

praise thy!
Monday, October 19, 2009

right now, i feel really blessed :)

despite the 'bleak' earthly future, m still happy~! amazing right!!!!

praise thy Lord for he is my ROCK~
praise thy Lord for dying for my sins in exchange for my FREEDOM!
praise thy Lord for hearing my prayers, for being a wonderful healer and for his training in me to be patient and trust in him :)

praise thy Lord for my loving family, so ever supportive and for also a very loving baby!
praise thy Lord for supportive friends; you know who you are :)

m so BLESSED; m seeing rainbows and balloons!

can you feel my joy?

trust in the Lord for he is GOOD :) 

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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

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Latest updates are: Agnes B*, Naraya bags collection :)
More to come!

Thank You~